Desirability gone mad: iPad 2 hits $5,000 on eBay

Desirability gone mad: iPad 2 hits ,000 on eBay

It's a thorny question for us here in the UK considering we're still waiting for confirmation that the iPad 2 will indeed launch here next Friday, but how much would you pay for an iPad 2.

And that's just the question some crafty types are testing the water with over in the US. With iPad 2 stocks nearly non-existent at the moment after the big launch rush a week ago, some are offering their slates up on eBay for as much as $5,000 a pop.

There are some iPad 2s reportedly still on sale in shops, but most of the major outlets have completely gone dry and ordering online comes with a blanket 4-5-week shipping estimate no matter which model you go for.

But not to worry – head over to eBay and you'll be able to get an iPad 2 right now... for $5,000. That's the highest price we've spotted from a number of sellers looking to make a quick buck by flogging their unopened slate online while supplies are low.

The five-grand iPad 2 is – as you'd hope, given the price – a 64GB model, and you even get a grey Smart Cover thrown in for good measure. But we'll not sure how quickly that given model will sell considering others are offering the exact same thing (albeit without the Smart Cover) for less than a third.

Still, even the more realistic sellers are still making a tidy profit on their Apple slates, with no shortage of listings offering Buy It Now satisfaction for well over $1,000.

So what about you? If you can't get an iPad 2 for love or money in a few weeks time, how much would you be willing to hand over on eBay? Name your price in the comments below.

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moonmonkey  Mar. 18, 2011 at 10:43

heres one going for silly money in the uk. fools, lol



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