Developers still favour iOS over Android

Developers still favour iOS over AndroidAndroid may be in the lead when it comes to the amount of Google devices physically out there and boss Eric Schmidt may think it's way ahead of Apple's rival iOS.

But as for the developers, it appears they still prefer iOS over Android. According to research from Flurry Analytics, 75% of new mobile app projects which use its software favoured iOS. That's up from 63% a year ago.

It's hardly a massive surprise considering the pricing structure. Although the Android Market may appeal to some, it is also easier to pirate there and it's no secret that iOS users are more prepared to pay for an app than Android owners.

And when you look at Flurry's figures, that's plain to see with every $1 that an app brings in on iOS being mirrored by only $0.24c on Android.

Still with the US in particular having 53% of Android handsets making up usage compared to 29% for Apple, there's still all to play for. And we're confident Eric Schmidt knows that.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 15, 2011 at 07:26

Egg and chicken...
We know from other studies and surveys that Android users won't pay (much) for apps. Is it coz they aren't as good as iOS apps (or WP or Symbian)? Or are Android users a different breed? I paid a couple of €€ for iVet - a veterinary dictionary for Android. There aren't many apps like that for Android. For iOS - whoa, yes. Loads. With great features - cross-referencing, autosuggestions etc etc. Compared to those iVet is a joke. No UI to speak off. Plenty of bugs, spelling error (in an app that lists drug dosages!!!!!!!! C'mon).

Or compare the photo editing apps for the iPad and those for Android tabs... ICS will be out soon and there still isn't a must-have honeycomb app for Android apps!

Stelph  Dec. 15, 2011 at 11:12

Although I agree JanSt that there still isnt really a killer app for the Android tablet, they are kind of getting there:


Movie Editor (although its not an app store app and you have to swipe it from XDA devs)

Back being said, theie equivalent apps on iOS are far superior which is a shame, and doesnt have to be that way! check out the Honeycomb Youtube app for example:

An excellent implementation of an app and it blows the iOS version clean out of the water, now if Google could get off it **** and put the same amount of effort into other tablet apps...

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 15, 2011 at 11:20

There are some good apps - the Youtube one is an example, but overall? I tried a half dozen Android tabs this year, downloaded dozens of apps, and nothing would have persuaded me to pay more than a hundred quid for any of the tablets. Meanwhile, I can understand if anyone buys an iPad just for Garageband or some of the hobby and/or work apps! Even Twitter apps on Android stink compared to their iOS equivalents. Heck, Symbian and BB have a few apps that kill anything available for AndroId. GReat OS, but needs more work.

jmarcelino  Dec. 15, 2011 at 11:24

There's also the other part of this story, to develop on Android you need to be aware (and ideally own) several platforms due to fragmentation. On the Android side of our company they had to develop the same app three times due to differences in platforms and it still wasn't compatible with several highly popular handsets due to OpenGL differences - this was phones only, we didn't even try tablets.

Apple also gives very nice development tools, e.g. the storyboard feature in the new iOS 5 SDK.

I feel Google doesn't really care because they make no real money on apps. Actually apps even distract users from using websites, where Google's massive ad network generates most of its profits (ads on apps are peanuts to them)

Stelph  Dec. 15, 2011 at 12:54

@JanSt - I agree, apple have it much better organised for tablets with Tablet specific apps and seemingly developers who tailer apps better for iOS than Android. That being said I do think it is the fault of the devs over Google as several apps ive compared:

Are just pants on Android, where as the developers own iOS versions of the apps are considerably better which tbh just shows some laziness by the developers as the Pulse News app, for example, is equally excelllent on both platforms


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