Developers served juicy Mango

Developers served juicy MangoA couple of weeks ago we asked: Microsoft to send out Windows Phone Mango handsets to developers next week? Well, not next week, but the week after, which is now this week. Make sense?

Mango was formally revealed at the end of May, but it’ll be several months before the final version rolls out. Microsoft was said to be reluctant to fire out Mango at this early stage, with concerns about developers being able to revert to the stability of NoDo.

However, it appears to have punched those fears in the face, as Mango is now on its way – via invitation to update – to registered Windows Phone 7 devs.

As well as the software update, Microsoft is dishing out WP7 handsets with Mango preinstalled. Its DreamSpark program aims to lure college kids into WP7 development, with 50 Mango-rocking phones up for grabs.

Windows Phone 7 will receive a much-needed jolt when Mango arrives later in the year. It’s said to have over 500 new features. Nokia is expected to arrive at the WP7 party at around the same time.

via: The Windows Phone Developer Blog

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lellie  Jul. 1, 2011 at 23:16

Sounds pretty cool. :)


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