dEXTRIS iOS review

dEXTRIS iOS reviewWhat the furg is dEXTRIS? A Dexter/Tetris crossover? (How cool would that be?!) Or a cool-as-furg way of saying ‘dexterous’? Probably the latter.

A word of warning before we commence: dEXTRIS is currently iOS-only; any Android versions you come across are fakes (as per Chaotic Box’s recent tweet), with several already removed from Google Play.

Anyway, yes, dEXTRIS for iOS; it’s pretty good, and it’s free, hence the numerous clones on the App Store (something Chaotic Box is aggressively tackling), and fake versions for Android.

Incidentally, it doesn’t sound like dEXTRIS will land on Google Play any time soon (from twitter: “It'll take months to port, and by then people will have moved on to something else :/”), which is a shame, because – again – it’s pretty freakin’ good.

dEXTRIS is a self-proclaimed “twitch” game, though to be fair, it’s nowhere near as brutally unforgiving as the likes of Super Hexagon or the brain-melting Wave Wave. Resultantly, it’s arguably more fun.

Essentially you’re tasked with controlling two little neon squares – one blue, one pink – that naturally reside in the middle of the screen. The action automatically scrolls upwards, but there’s a problem in the form of spikes.

Spikes protrude from the left, right, or sometimes both, and can be avoided respectively by holding right, holding left, or by doing nothing and simply gliding between them.

Throwing a further spanner in the proverbial works, you’ll sometimes come across a hazard in the middle of the screen, necessitating a tap with your left and right fingers. This splits the squares in two. Make sense? Good.

dEXTRIS iOS review

And that’s really all there is to dEXTRIS in terms of mechanics, but the twist is that the game gets faster for every 10-spike milestone, faster and faster until you inevitably crash and burn and scream: “OH FOR FURG’S SAKE!!!”

The thing I love about dEXTRIS is that it’s always your fault when you mess up. That’s absolutely key to making an enjoyable twitch game; if you feel like the game is against you or that there’s an element of randomness, it’s simply not enjoyable. But no such worries here!

Chaotic Box is monitoring the high scores, too, so any ridiculous/fake scores (seriously, why do people bother?) will be removed. Nice.

Cons? Well, dEXTRIS isn’t hugely deep (there’s no level structure, no power-ups; just pure survival), and as such it’s questionable how long you’ll want to play it for. But if you’re lucky enough to have a group of similarly-minded friends, there’s muchos fun to be had on the leaderboards.


  • Nice new twitch concept
  • Looks pretty cool with the neon and the sparks
  • It’s completely free with no IAPs


  • Just the one game mode
  • No power-ups or anything
  • Can we pay to remove ads please?

Summary: dEXTRIS is an interesting new (ok, 11-day old) twitch game, and while it’s certainly difficult, it’s entirely your own fault when you mess up. There’s not a great deal of depth, but it’s definitely worth checking out while it’s hot. See you on the leaderboards…

Developer: Chaotic Box

Price: free @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

dEXTRIS iOS review

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