Four things you (maybe) didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Four things you (maybe) didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeThe Samsung Galaxy Note Edge isn’t quite available to pre-order in the UK just yet, but evidence suggests (most recently a leaked internal Carphone Warehouse communication) that it’ll go on sale on November 28. Yep, that’s Friday next week.

It’s a strange beast, no doubt, but Samsung is looking to allay fears that this is strictly a niche device for freaky-phone lovers with more money than sense. Here we present four things you probably didn’t know about the Galaxy Note Edge.

1. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge won’t necessarily explode if you drop it

The obvious concern with that extra display down the right hand side is durability. Surely the display is more likely to be damaged in the event of a drop? Well, not necessarily.

The Galaxy Note Edge has reportedly been subjected to a relentless series of rigorous drop tests – more tests than Samsung would usually enforce on a new phone.

Furthermore, the metal frame sticks out a little from the display, meaning it’s the first point of impact. Well, from certain angles, at least.

Four things you (maybe) didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2. You don’t need to worry about accidentally touching the edge display

Another major concern with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is accidentally touching the edge display, and perhaps launching an app or whatever, when all you’re trying to do is hold the friggin’ phone in your hand.

Samsung promises the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge can distinguish between a finger and a palm, with a “grip solution” capable of recognising “intentional gesture vs grip vs unintentional touch”.

So rather than getting in the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s edge display will enhance the user experience. Supposedly.

3. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is asymmetrical, but kinda symmetrical

Concern the third! The edge display appears on the right hand side only, so doesn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge look a little… lopsided?

Well, the left side of the display is “ever-so-slightly” curved, too, while the aforementioned metal strip subtly runs from the top of the phone down the sides. “Modern-Fluidic”, they’re calling the design.

4. Samsung is confident that the edge display will come in handy

While dismissed by some as a hey-look-at-me-I’m-different design feature, Samsung reckons the Galaxy Note Edge’s edge display will prove genuinely useful.

Out-of-the-box functionality includes quick access to apps via shortcuts, the ability to read notifications without encroaching on the main display, access to “live information” (stocks, sports, news, etc), and quick toggles (ruler, stopwatch, flash, etc).

With the Edge Screen SDK now available for third-party developers, Samsung reckons the possibilities are “virtually endless”. Potential future functionality includes controlling a game using the edge display (interesting), or using it to show subtitles while watching a movie.

Four things you (maybe) didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeThoughts

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge certainly ticks the ‘Different’ box, but different doesn’t always necessarily equate to good.

Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is certainly being more widely embraced than we assumed at launch. The “limited edition” device has now landed in the US, and – again – it’s going on sale here next week, with Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone seemingly onboard.

With a rafter lofty asking price (almost certainly more expensive than the already-expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 4), it remains to be seen what kind of impact the Galaxy Note Edge will have in the long term: game changer or low-volume disaster. A lot of that might depend on developer support.

In any event, hats off to Samsung for thinking outside the proverbial box.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 19, 2014 at 13:34

By the by... The Galaxy Note Edge is coming to Vodafone Ireland before Christmas. That pretty much proves it was always planned to be launched world-wide. If Ireland even gets it... :p ;)

SpeedyG  Nov. 19, 2014 at 22:03

That side notification screen will take some getting used to. I'm presuming you can turn it off in settings?


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