What's the difference between OEM and ODM?

Are ODM and OEM different or do they mean the same thing?

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CTPAHHIK  Oct. 25, 2011 at 15:56

They are quite different, but it's hard to catch that difference unless you know what particular company actually does.
OEM would be manufacturer and ODM would be designer. Since this is phone forum as an example: ODM would be ARM and OEM would be Samsung. ARM does not actually make physical chips, but makes designs for them, while chips can be manufactured by anyone licensing (Samsung).

Since everyone knows Apple let's dissect it. Apple licenses ARM (ODM) CPU for use in their A5 chips in latest hardware. Since Apple does not manufacture anything - it is not OEM. Apple designs a product (iPhone, A5 chip), which would technically make them ADM, but since Apple does not license they are not really ODM. Confused yet? Apple would be neither OEM, nor ODM.


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