DigiTimes: Amazon smartphone launching in first half of 2014

DigiTimes: Amazon smartphone launching in first half of 2014Ah, the Amazon smartphone. I almost forgot about your long-rumoured existence, you cheeky elusive bar steward.

Yes, it’s the rumour that absolutely refuses to die, and the latest whispers suggest the Amazon smartphone might finally launch within the next six months. Where have we heard that before?

That’s right, this time last year it was DigiTimes telling us to expect both an Amazon and Microsoft Surface smartphone in 2013. Hmm.

Fast-forward 12 months, and DigiTimes is back with some exclusive news courtesy of “sources with Taiwan's supply chain”.

Specifically, we’re told that some dudes called Primax Electronics have secured orders from Amazon to provide compact camera modules – “for use in smartphones to be launched in first-half 2014”.

The interesting thing here is that Primax will supposedly provide no less than six such modules for each smartphone, on account of floating touch technology.

That loosely jives with an Amazon smartphone rumour from early November, when we were told to expect support for 3D gestures (I’m standing by this: giving your phone the finger to turn it off) and eye-tracking input.

Sounds like Amazon is contemplating how exactly its smartphone will fit in a market currently dominated by Apple and Samsung, with various prototypes possibly having bit the dust over the years.

Other recent rumours include the notion of HTC being on board, while others suggest the phone(s) will be aimed at Amazon Prime customers in particular, with a focus on delivering video content.

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