DigiTimes: Asus Nexus tablet in July

DigiTimes: Asus Nexus tablet in JulyThere’s nothing I enjoy more than Digitimes rumours courtesy of “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

Recently some guy suggested that Samsung might’ve been chosen to develop the imminent Nexus tablet, but DigiTimes’ sources still reckon it’s Asus in the hotseat.

The story goes that some 600,000 units will ship in June, hitting shelves the following month. Supposedly Google had planned to release the 7in Nexus tablet in May, but it was delayed due to some unspecified “minor adjustments”.

Total shipment for the Nexus tablet is tipped to be 2-2.5 million for the year, significantly less than the Amazon Kindle fire, which shifted a million units per week around Christmas last year.

Also worth noting that the Amazon Kindle Fire is US only, while the Nexus tablet will presumably receive a global release.

Nexus tablet specs remain elusive at this stage, though it’s expected to adopt a quad-core processor and cost around $199.

We’re assuming the Nexus tablet will rock Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). You can imagine consumer confusion if the slate debuted Jelly Bean with Ice Cream Sandwich distribution still being relatively low.

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