DigiTimes: big smartphone players eyeing up heat pipes

DigiTimes: big smartphone players eyeing up heat pipesTechnology is ever advancing, and we’re always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing in smartphones, be it flexibility or 3D (ahem) or having a second display on the rear.

According to our favourite rumourmongers, one such advance – internally, at least – is cooling technology in the form of laptop-style heat pipes, with interest from several of the big players.

Yep, we’re crediting the ever-accurate DigiTimes, which in turn credits “sources from cooling module player.”

We’re told that graphite and foil are no longer getting the job done with regards to keeping smartphone internals cool, and with the dawn of 4G and that, things are only getting hotter.

Enter: ultra-thin heat pipes. NEC’s Medias X06E already has a 0.6mm heat pipe, much to the delight of its internals, and Apple, Samsung and HTC are said to be interested in following suit.

While DigiTimes tends to have a – how do I put this? – hit-and-miss record, given that this particular story isn’t exactly high-octane, we’ll take just a pinch of salt.

The official soundtrack to this article is Nelly’s “Hot in Here”. It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your cloves. Yep.

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