DigiTimes: expect more dual-lens smartphone cameras

DigiTimes: expect more dual-lens smartphone camerasOne of the standout features on the HTC One M8, and one of the things that sets it apart from last year’s HTC One, is the presence of a dual-lens camera on the rear.

Word from out east suggests HTC may be at the forefront of an imminent trend, with several smartphone manufacturers expected to jump on board the dual-lens bandwagon.

That’s the story according to, er, DigiTimes, which credits Taiwanese component manufacturer Altek, and its company president Alex Hsia.

Having already won over HTC, Altek tips Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Lenovo (both top five players, incidentally) to embrace the technology in the second quarter of 2014.

Further “international smartphone vendors” are expected to launch dual-lens smartphones throughout 2015, though Apple and Samsung are reportedly uninterested. For now.

The theory behind the second lens is that it assists in measuring distance, and allows users to apply, for example, depth of field effects. Intentionally put the background out of focus, and that picture of a boring old jar of flowers suddenly looks like an award-winning shot.

Of course, said effect is also achievable through software trickery, such as Selective Focus on the spanking new Samsung Galaxy S5. Just saying.

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