DigiTimes: Fifth gen iPad to hit volume production July-August, iPad mini 2 postponed

DigiTimes: Fifth gen iPad to hit volume production July-August, iPad mini 2 postponedWhat do you mean we’re scraping the bottom of the mobile news barrel? How very dare you, you fiend.

Good old DigiTimes is back, suggesting that the fifth gen iPad will hit volume production next month or the month after that; soon. Meanwhile, the iPad mini 2 might be postponed a wee bit.

That’s the story with credit going to “Taiwan-based supply chain makers”, knowers of all things fifth gen iPad and iPad mini 2.

In keeping with previous rumours, we’re hearing that the fifth gen iPad will resemble the iPad mini muchly, with a tiny slither of bezel and significantly reduced weight (20-30% lighter than the iPad 4).

We’re also hearing that the iPad mini 2’s volume production might slip back from September to November, with two schools of thought as to why.

Firstly, it’s suggested that sales of the fourth gen iPad were impacted by the pretty much simultaneous release of the original iPad mini, so Apple wants to space out the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

Or maybe it’s simply due to the supply chain being unable to meet demand.

In either case, the DigiMen note that the previously forecasted 80-100 million iPad shipments for 2013 might be affected by the delayed iPad mini 2.

via: DigiTimes

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Stelph  Jun. 4, 2013 at 16:02

I dont think the iPad mini will continue to dig into the sales of the iPad, really I see customers as being two groups with one group prefering the 8" and one group prefeing the 10". Those wanting the 10" will never go away so id suspect ant dela


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