DigiTimes: iPad 5 in September, iPad mini 2 still being tinkered with

DigiTimes: iPad 5 in September, iPad mini 2 still being tinkered withHaving launched a grand total of zero new iDevices in the first half of 2013, Californian manufacturer Apple is primed to explode all over H2 2013 like… a water balloon in a microwave?

One of those devices is the iPad 5 (or fifth gen iPad, or whatever you want to call it), and another is the iPad mini 2; trusty old DigiTimes is squeezing fresh rumour juice for both.

In terms of iPad 5 design, it’s the same old story, specifically that it’ll take its design cue from the iPad mini, with a significant reduction in weight, thickness, and the volume of bezel around the display.

The news here is that DigiTimes’ sources (“from the upstream supply chain”, naturally) say the iPad 5 is looking good for a September launch.

The only issue I have with that is the iPhone 5S and iOS 7; when will they launch? Will the iPad 5 launch presumably weeks earlier with iOS 6 instead?

As for the iPad mini 2, we’re told that the design is still very much up in the air. A Retina display is being considered (the iPad mini has a lame resolution of 768 x 1024 = 162PPI), while the bezel might disappear entirely.

That being the case, the iPad mini 2 mightn’t ship till nearer the end of the year, which would at least be in time for - you guessed it - Christmas.

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