DigiTimes: Samsung grabs 30% of Q1 2013 smartphone market as shipments soar

DigiTimes: Samsung grabs 30% of Q1 2013 smartphone market as shipments soarWe’re at that stage in Q2 when we’re in a position to look over Q1 figures, with the latest batch coming courtesy of DRAMeXchange by way of everyone’s favourite eastern rumourmonger, DigiTimes.

The key takeaway is that Samsung is still top dog (unsurprisingly), while Apple has seemingly stalled as storm clouds gather over Cupertino (tad melodramatic, I know).

According to DRAMeXchange, Samsung shipped 65 million units in Q1, accounting for 30% of the global smartphone market.

Apple, meanwhile, managed 37.5 million, which mightn’t sound too bad, but it’s when you look at IDC’s figures from Q1 2012 – this time last year – that you get a true feel for what’s going down.

Apple’s Q1 2012 smartphone market share was estimated at 24.2%, a fair bit higher than this year’s 17.3%. That’s rooouuughly the same as going from one-in-four smartphones shipped being an iPhone to just one-in-six.

Even Samsung is only up around 1% year-on-year, so with Apple down a whole seven popularity/percentage points, it’s worth asking who the big Q1 winners are. RIM? HTC? Sony? Nokia?

On the whole, smartphone shipments were up massively year-on-year, with DRAMeXchange saying 216.4 million for Q1 2013 compared to IDC’s 144.9 million for Q1 2012.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2013 at 18:11

Yawn... Samsung have over 40 Galaxies alone.
Their budget Androids are practically given away when you sign on for prepay, buy a MiFi etc....

Phossy  Apr. 24, 2013 at 02:57

Perhaps the biggest winner is the one you didn't mention, LG.
Nokia results suggested they had shipped 6.1 million smartphones I think (which would be a 2.8% market share in Q1)


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