DigiTimes: second-gen Microsoft Surface launch in June?

DigiTimes: second-gen Microsoft Surface launch in June?The Microsoft Surface tablet didn’t exactly set the world ablaze when it arrived last year, but big ballsy Ballmer was quick to promise more in the way of M$ hardware.

While the Microsoft Surface smartphone rumours have quietened significantly of late, one thing that refuses to evaporate is the notion of a second-generation Microsoft Surface tablet. Indeed, at this stage, it seems almost inevitable.

DigiTimes is the latest to jump on the second-gen Microsoft Surface tablet bandwagon, with credit going to – surprise, surprise – anonymous “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

Despite achieving sales of just 1.5 million units (one million RT, 500,000 Pro), Microsoft is tipped to soldier on, perhaps announcing the second-gen Surface tablet as early as Build in June.

Incidentally, that’s when the original Microsoft Surface RT and Pro are expected to reach the likes of Korea and Thailand. Great stuff.

To be fair, there are signs that the Microsoft Surface's sales performance might be improving, specifically according to IDC.

In any case, we’re told that the second-gen Microsoft Surface tablet might be as small as 7in (7-9in, say DigiTimes’ sources). That notion was given credence by Microsoft CFO Peter Klein last month, when he promised “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows” to be released at “competitive price points”.

Build 2013 goes down from June 26-28, which is a couple of weeks after Apple’s WWDC. Potentially a busy freakin’ month for new stuff.

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