DigiTimes: Team Cook geared up to sell 30-40 million Apple Watches

DigiTimes: Team Cook geared up to sell 30-40 million Apple WatchesAh, DigiTimes. It’s been too long, old friend! But you’ll forgive us for adding some delicious salt to our morning coffee, given your hit-and-miss track record.

Here the DigiMen are saying Apple has ordered a whopping 30-40 million units of the yet-to-be-released Apple Watch. That’s a lot of Apple Watches.

The article in question is incredibly brief, weighing in at a mere three paragraphs, and with credit going to “Chip suppliers involved in the supply chain of the Apple Watch”.

And here’s the meaty bit: “Orders for chips for the Apple Watch, set to debut in early 2015, are estimated at 30-40 million units, the sources indicated.”

To give that figure some context, Apple recently set a new record for quarterly iPhone shipments, with 39 million units shifted in 3Q14. Does Apple really expect its Watch to instantly match the iPhone’s appeal? We’re not so sure.

Apple’s first “wearable” was unveiled alongside the iPhone 6 in September, though it’s still not clear how much it’ll cost. The most expensive variant, the gold Apple Watch Edition, has been rumoured to come in as high as $10,000. Wow.

We’re repeatedly told that wearable shipments are on the verge of exploding, and it’s widely accepted that the party will get underway proper once Apple arrives.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 15, 2014 at 10:37

I still cannot believe that that'll happen.
Wearables are the perfect vehicle for smaller companies who know ONE thing, who have ONE good idea, and deliver it cheaply.
Convergence is limited by battery life, screen size etc etc ....
And wearing the same watch that all your BFFs wear is different to ownimg the same phone.


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