Dixons cuts Motorola Xoom price again in a bid to boost sales

Dixons cuts Motorola Xoom price again in a bid to boost salesIt was always going to happen. 2011 has seen just about every tech manufacturer worth mentioning rushing headlong into the tablet market to try and nab a piece of the iPad's massive market share.

Problem is there's just not enough to go round, and the market is starting to correct itself. The HP TouchPad has already fallen by the wayside, and Dixons has now slashed the Motorola Xoom's price in a bid to generate some much needed sales.

And it's not even the first price cut either, but the net result is that you can now pick yourself up a Wi-Fi-only Xoom for as little as £329, a full £150 cheaper than the original RRP.

This is the same tablet that was singled out by Google to introduce Android Honeycomb, and which just a few months ago was seen as one of the few tablets that could give the iPad a run for its money.

It doesn't bode well for the multitude of other tablets out there that don't have the TouchPad or Xoom's pedigree.

It's great news for the consumer, of course, with the fierce competition meaning prices are likely to continue dropping for the immediate future.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 6, 2011 at 12:48

Doubt that'll work. Unless they do a 'touchpad' type cut...

Hear about Lenovo's claims? They reckon the first Galaxy Tab sold around 20,000 times - although Samsung shipped a million LOL

There still aren't more than a dozen 'must have' honeycomb apps. I'd buy an Iconia A500, but with the apps situation a W500 would probably be smarter.
Google fecked up, as we say (?) in Eire :p

RealMatch  Sep. 6, 2011 at 15:37

There may not be that many honecomb specific apps but there's still a vast array of non-honeycomb apps that work just fine on tablets.

The specific problem with the Xoom is that Motorola were trying to position it as a "premium" product (ie same price as ipad) by virtue of being the first Honeycomb tablet in UK.

Unfortunately for them they utterly ballsed up the launch and got beaten by the Asus Transformer at which point their entire strategy for selling the tablet fell apart and they never recovered.

The only thing the Xoom really has going for it now is that it has a 3G version, but with the 3G toting Galaxy Tab 10.1 out RSN these price cuts seem to be the only way retailers think they can now shift the stock.

JanSt / MOD  Sep. 6, 2011 at 15:50

yeah, non-honeycomb apps work better on Android tabs than non-HD apps on the iPad, granted.
But there is a real difference in quality and quantity.
I'm not an Apple fan, but there are no Android apps for tabs that rival what's out there for the iPad.

It really is easier to excuse owning a laptop/netbook AND and iPad (garageband alone makes it a worthwhile purchase for non-macbook owners) than it is to own an Android tab and a laptop.

Pricewise: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is €50 to €70 bucks dearer in Ireland than the iPad. in every category (wifi-only, 3G etc).

I happen to believe Lenovo's claim that the first Galaxy Tab sold only 20000x of the million shipped. I know for a fact that e.g. Three Ireland are still sitting on hundreds and hundreds, while still demanding €600+ for that oldie...
Any wonder people choose an iPad 2 for the same price?
And yes, Moto messed up the launch of both the Xooooom and the Attrix..."most powerful"? Only while in R&D

RealMatch  Sep. 6, 2011 at 16:10

As an Asus Transformer owner I do have to disgree with the first part of that :)

I do agree that pricing is an issue with Android tablet, trying to take on an entrenched competitor by charging more is never going to be an effective strategy no matter how good your product is.

This of course was the problem with the original Samsung tab, certainly here in the UK the launch price was substantially higher than the original iPad so it flopped. It wasn't till the serious discounting kicked in that any started to sell at all (and by then many potential customers were lost, some to the ipad, some to the next generation of Android tablet which were appearing on the far horizon).

At least in UK Samsung learnt from that with the latest Tab and has priced it the same as the equiv model iPad2.


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