Downgrade from Android Lollipop to KitKat

If I upgrade to Android Lollipop and it's buggy or I just don't like it, can I downgrade to KitKat?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 10, 2014 at 16:24

You fail to mention what device you are currently using.
There is no easy, "out of the box" way to just try and unload.
But you have options.
1) you could head over to XDA Developers Forum, find your device and model, and search for
a) Root (your0 phone... once you have rooted your phone, you can then b ) flash a ROM based on Lollipop - Assuming you own a popular phone that shouldn't be too difficult. If XDA don't have something, try 'googling' the wider web.
If you do not like Lollipop, you can find a generic ROM for your phone - again, if it's a popular phone XDA or the wider web should provide you with the right link to a vanilla factory ROM...

Alternatively, wait for Lollipop. Check forums and tech sites for feedback - not just general Lollipop reviews but feedback for YOUR smartphone, model and variant!
Also: hit Youtube. Search "(your phone) Android 5 Lollipop" - that way you can see the new stuff without risking a lot of trouble. There is NO way I would ever again accept the 1st release of a major update for iOS OR Android. There are bound to be bugs, screwy apps performance issues and what-not. That is my opinion. If a phone bugs me, I sell it and move on. I won't rely on some update's potential. Right now, somewhere in my home is a One M8 with a screwy camera thanks to the latest KitKat update. I also has a 5S with a b*ggered 7.1 update...
Nah... patience.

The main thing is: read up on Root, ROMs, Flashing, etc etc... and read all how-tos carefully! And: always make sure it's really your phone model they talk about!!!!!! Often US variants are very different. Regional models may be flashable but that ROM is NOT for your variant!


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