Downgrading an EVO 3D CDMA (Shooter)

Downgrading an EVO 3D CDMA (Shooter)Anyone using a Sprint EVO 3D (for the Mobotniks on the US side of the pond) has undoubtedly heard of the atrocity that is HBOOT 1.50. Whereas versions 1.30 and 1.40 of the bootloader could have the security flag turned off (S-OFF) and the NAND portion of the phone written too, HBOOT 1.50 was without exploit. As such, even with the bootloader unlocked using the official HTC method, the ability to flash custom kernels was limited, unless a mobotnik was willing to undergo a much lengthier process that did not allow for flashing on the go.

In fact, the lack of development in the months following the release of the EVO 3D was (in part) attributed to the locked down bootloader. Thanks to a group of very intelligent developers, a method was constructed that allowed for HBOOT 1.50 to be downgraded to 1.40, which could have S-OFF. Let's take a look at the how to do this.

Of note: this is a complex task. Although it is difficult, it is not nearly as much of a hassle as the method later used to S-OFF HBOOT 1.50 directly, seeing as there is no hardware modification needed to do the method we are about to discuss. With that out of the way, you'll need a few things: the 2.17 RUU .zip package, a 1.13 RUU in .exe format, and the downgrade package.

Please Read: By doing this method, your EVO 3D is going to be bricked in a special way and then brought back to life. If you fail to follow these instructions properly, neither I nor is responsible for what happens. You must also perform all of these tasks on a Linux computer. This will not work on Mac or Windows. If you can't figure out how to install or run Linux, then this is probably not the tutorial for you.

Make sure your device is S-ON, HBOOT 1.50, and locked. If for some reason you had already decided to unlock it using the HTC method, relock it. Take the 2.17 RUU .zip package you downloaded earlier and change its name to and place it on your SD card. Next (making sure the phone is not plugged in) reboot the device into bootloader. Your device will detect the file and ask if you'd like to flash/update by pressing volume up. Wait for a solid minute and take the battery cover off the back of your device and plug in an AC adapter.

Warning: an AC adapter does not include plugging your phone in via USB to your computer. An AC adapter in this case is only an OEM HTC wall charger or equivalent. No exceptions. You have been warned.

Next with the cable plugged in and the device waiting for your response, remove the battery. That's right: leave the power cable plugged in and take the battery out of the system, which if done correctly will leave the device on. Press the volume up key and the phone will begin updating itself. Count to five after the word “Updating” appears and then pull the plug. Quickly plug your device back in, and if you did it properly the charging light will show a dim, solid red.

Now that your precious is a brick, we will begin the process of reviving it. Remember the downgrade package from earlier? Unzip the file and extract all of its contents to your home folder. Open up terminal, gain root access (which will be “su” or “sudo -s”), and run the command chmod 755 downgrade. Type ./downgrade and press “Enter”.

The terminal will ask if you are ready for downgrade. Press “Enter” and the following will appear:

Step 1... Plug in Device while holding down Volume Down key...

Waiting for device...

Follow the instructions: simply press and hold the volume down key and plug the phone in at the same time. Keep holding down the volume down key the entire time and provided you were successful earlier you'll see:

Found the Correct Device!
Writing image file!
511+1 records in
511+1 records out
1047808 bytes (1.0 MB) copied, 0.36689 s, 2.9 MB/s
Step 2... Unplug the device now.
AFTER device is removed, press Enter to proceed to next step.

Unplug your EVO and press “Enter” again on your Linux system. Terminal will ask you to plug your phone back in a second time. Do so again, while continuing to hold the volume down key on your device throughout. Now your display will light up with:

Writing image file!
511+1 records in
511+1 records out
1047808 bytes (1.0 MB) copied, 0.36689 s, 2.9 MB/s

Yank your SD card, put your battery back in, and reboot to bootloader like you would have previously. In order to get back to a fully functional, normally booting system, run the 1.13 RUU .exe package you downloaded earlier. Finally, once that has taken hold and your system is booting normally, head over to the revolutionary website and use their downgrade tool to get S-OFF. From there, the world is yours.

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