Dr Dre, 2001 (Explicit Version), 99p @ Google Play

Dr Dre, 2001 (Explicit Version), 99p @ Google PlayWadup, mother CHUGGER? Fancy some late nineties hip-hop with no less than 21 explicit mother chugging tracks? Pop over to Google Play, where you can grab Dr Dre's 2001 for just 99p.

Originally released in November 1999, the 22 tracks come in at a total running time of 1:08:13, with guests including Eminem, Xzibit and Snoop Dogg.

Full tracklist follows.

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(Thanks to joe6767 at HUKD)

1 Lolo (Intro) (Explicit)
2 The Watcher (Explicit)
3 **** You (Explicit)
4 Still D.R.E. (Explicit)
5 Big Ego's (Explicit)
6 Xxplosive (Explicit)
7 What's The Difference (Explicit)
8 Bar One (Explicit)
9 Light Speed (Explicit)
10 Forgot About Dre (Explicit)
11 The Next Episode (Explicit)
12 Let's Get High (Explicit)
13 Bitch Niggaz (Explicit)
14 The Car Bomb (Explicit)
15 Murder Ink (Explicit)
16 Ed-Ucation (Explicit)
17 Some L.A. Niggaz (Explicit)
18 Pause 4 Porno (Explicit)
19 Housewife (Explicit)
20 Ackrite (Explicit)
21 Bang Bang (Explicit)
22 The Message/ Outro

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