Dragon Rush Pro Android review

Dragon Rush Pro Android reviewAs an increasingly cynical bar steward, you’ll have to forgive me for dismissing Dragon Rush Pro as a Dragon, Fly! rip-off before I’d even opened the app. You suck, Curdie.

Au contraire, Dragon Rush Pro is nothing like Dragon, Fly! or indeed anything else I’ve played recently. And, to my great surprise, it’s also rather good.

In Dragon Rush Pro you tilt left and right to guide the little dragon, Bluppy, through a series of top-down vertical-scrolling levels on a mission to save his woman. Er, when I say “a series of”, I really mean “five”. But it’s all good.

The goal in each level is to keep on rolling, baby, for 250 metres. Reach the finish line and you’ll unlock the next level. Simple.

In order to keep your momentum going, one must collect gold and red coins – worth one and two points respectively (more on these in just a sec). If you miss too many coins, you’ll grind to a halt and have to start over.

As you’d expect, Dragon Rush Pro features a series of hazards, such as Tiki statues, fences, bushes, snowmen, UFOs and dinosaurs. Additionally, there are environmental hazards. For example, in the desert you have to keep drinking water, while the Halloween level sees a fog roll in if you don’t keep collecting lanterns.

There are also a number of power-ups, like invisibility (which lets you pass you through obstacles), a Superman cap (which launches you for a good 40-or-so metres) and a magic mushroom that reverses the controls. You can use the aforementioned coins to upgrade power-ups.

The graphics in Dragon Rush Pro are pretty basic, but they get the job done. The sound deserves a mention, particularly for the cheeky variant – a very slight variant – of Wham’s “Last Christmas” on the snow level.

Dragon Rush Pro is great while it lasts, but I managed to plough through the five levels in less than 45 minutes. Not so good. At the end – spoiler alert – you unlock a new skin/character, but there’s little to no incentive to play through again.

Incidentally, I have no freakin’ idea how the developer, Terran Droid, makes any money from Dragon Rush Pro. It’s entirely free, there are no ads, and no freemium content. What the…?


  • Five varied levels
  • Various hazards
  • Range of power-ups


  • Looks pretty basic
  • Only five levels – incredibly short

Summary: Tilt to guide a dragon through five worlds. Very good, but very short.

Developer: Terran Droid

Requires: Android 2.0 or above.

Price: free @ Android Market

Dragon Rush Pro Android review

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