Draw Something updated… again!

Draw Something updated… again!I’ve written quite extensively about Draw Something, including my original iOS review, and the subsequent features Five symptoms of playing Draw Something way too much and Draw Something revisited. Phew.

We’ve had a handful of minor updates over the past few months, but this week Draw Something received a relatively major overhaul in the form of version 1.7.14. Is it sexy as fug, or should someone tell Zynga “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Firstly, we’ve got a revamped main screen, which now clearly separates Your Turn and Their Turn, and includes the time elapsed since the last go. A welcome addition, and – all in all – looks pretty freakin’ good.

Watching drawings is now significantly faster. To be honest, I’m not sure if that came with the previous update, as it sidelined my Draw Something app for 10 days with some sort of cross-platform Marmalade error. Weird.

In any case, the temptation to skip drawings to see if your partner guesses correctly is now far less pressing, and it’s hard to imagine how we put up with the old model. It was painfully slow.

Lots of improved Draw Something aesthetics here and there; fancy new fonts and that. But there’s one meaty addition in the form of special categories.

On the screen where you’ve usually got the choice of three items to draw (easy, medium or hard, for one, two or three coins respectively), there are now special categories at the bottom.

Essentially you can invest your bombs (normally used to Get New Words or eliminate letters when guessing) in Draw Something’s special categories – including cartoons, fashion, and insults – with a view to grabbing tons of coinage.

Within each category, you have a choice of several words (more than the standard three), each with a number of coins – up to nine – allocated should your partner guess correctly. Good times!

However, since I’ve now unlocked most – if not all – of the colours, the only thing I need coins for is bombs, so it doesn’t make much sense to invest bombs in the hope of getting a relatively paltry number of coins to contribute towards - yep - more bombs. Er, if that makes sense.

On the other hand, special categories might appeal if you've still got some colour packs to unlock.

And that’s Draw Something version 1.7.14. It looks pretty slick. Thankfully, Zynga hasn’t killed it. Yet…

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Pondlife  Jun. 14, 2012 at 19:26

Take it the ios version didn't come attached with a huge list of terms and conditions that you are said to have agreed to by installing it?


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