Duke Nukem 3D arrives on BlackBerry PlayBook

Duke Nukem 3D arrives on BlackBerry PlayBookDuke Nukem 3D has been available for yonks on Apple’s App Store, and recently it arrived on the Android Market – incurring a flood of irate reviews in the process.

Now it’s the turn of BlackBerry PlayBook owners for some slightly dated FPS action. “Hail to the…” Nah, I can’t do it.

Android owners were incensed that the paid app still included adverts, and – worse still – an additional payment was required in order to unlock chapters two and three.

There’s no mention of ads on the BlackBerry PlayBook version, and chapters two and three are included, but it does cost $2.99, which is significantly more than the 69p it costs for the iPhone and iPad versions. Hmm.

Incidentally, I did try to clarify the price in GBP, but the UK BlackBerry App World website proved to be a nightmare to navigate.

A total of nine users have reviewed the BlackBerry PlayBook version of Duke Nukem 3D, and it averages four out of five stars. Not too shabby. To be fair, it’s probably going to appeal predominantly to people who played the original back in the day. Fair 'nough.

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