Dumb Ways To Die iOS review

Dumb Ways To Die iOS reviewWith almost 60 million views on YouTube, chances are you might’ve seen the Dumb Ways To Die music video, which details – yes – various dumb ways to die, such as setting fire to your hair, poking a stick at a grizzly bear, or using your private parts as piranha bait. Brilliant.

Yep, it’s a song, a public service announcement from Melbourne Metro (ah, my former home city; ultimately we’re being told to be careful around trains), and also a game for iOS.

Dumb Ways To Die plays out in a series of WarioWare-style mini-games (seriously, why aren’t there more of these for smartphones?) - fifteen in all.

In each, you’re tasked with swiping, tapping, tracing, or even blowing into your iDevice’s microphone, and there’s a corresponding animation for passing or failing. Fail three times, incidentally, and it’s Game Over.

One Dumb Ways To Die mini-game tasks you with drawing mustard on a hot dog. Fail that particular task, and a rattlesnake bites your eye. Obviously. He seems to be quite picky about his mustard distribution.

Dumb Ways To Die iOS review

Another sees you trying to tether a bunch of balloons. Pass, and the little guy will happily watch a train scream past; fail, and he’ll walk onto the tracks to a gruesome death.

The thirteen others play out in similarly ridiculous fashion (presented in random order), and they generally get harder the longer you play. You might have to tether more balloons, for example, or frantically swipe to clean the vomit faster.

And that’s pretty much Dumb Ways To Die in a nutshell. It’s fairly short and sweet, though there’s a modicum of replay incentive in the form of the train platform on the start screen.

See, each time you hit a particular target, you get one of the little characters to keep on display, including the guy who tries to rescue his toast with a fork, and the dude who eats out of date medicine.

You can also unlock the music video, though – to be fair – it doesn’t take much to fire up YouTube.

Worth a look? Absolutely. Don’t expect Dumb Ways To Die to change your life, but it’ll keep you entertained for a little while.


  • The mini-games are fairly amusing
  • The cartoon-style presentation
  • The accompanying music video


  • Only fifteen mini-games
  • Pretty short
  • Pretty samey

Summary: Dumb Ways To Die hosts an interesting handful of mini-games, but there simply aren’t enough to warrant any sort of long-term investment.

Developer: Metro Trains Melbourne

Price: free @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Dumb Ways To Die iOS review

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