Dyson aims to double your smartphone battery life with $15 million investment

Dyson aims to double your smartphone battery life with  million investmentSmartphone technology continues to race along at a mind-boggling rate, with 8-core 64-bit processors and multiple gigabytes of RAM and QHD resolutions and 20MP cameras all very much a reality. Alas, one thing we’re not seeing much of is enhanced battery life, with many current phones demanding a daily charge.

James “Jimmy D” Dyson, for one, wants to see an improvement; he’s laid down $15 million on the figurative table, with a view to doubling smartphone battery life.

The problem is that while battery capacities are slowly increasing (as phones themselves get bigger), that’s offset by factors like QHD displays demanding more juice, and hence we’re stuck in this horrific first-world-problems cycle of putting our phones on charge at least once a day.

A fundamental change is required, and that’s where Sakti3 comes in with its solid-state battery technology, which should – all going well – give liquid-based lithium batteries a slap upside the head. Double smartphone battery life? YES PLEASE.

“Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can’t,” purrs Dyson founder Jimmy D. “It’s these fundamental technologies – batteries, motors – that allow machines to work properly.”

Ann Marie Sastry, founder and chief exec of Sakti3 adds: “There is a great deal of knowledge and passion on both sides, and Dyson’s engineering team has the capability and the track record to scale up new ideas and make them a commercial reality.” And - crucially - the money.

The solid-state batteries are supposedly cheaper, thinner, lighter and safer, which sounds like win, win, win and win to us.

via: The Guardian

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