EA bows to the great freemium fiasco

EA bows to the great freemium fiascoAt the time of writing, 20 of the iPad’s top 30 grossing apps are entirely free to download. Top Grossing? Free? Huh?

See, developers have discovered that there’s often more money to be made - not just on the iPad, I hasten to add - by giving away apps for free, but subsequently charging for in-game content. Those cheeky sons of…

Yep, it's not uncommon to find excellent games like Mega Run going for 0p. Nowadays, it’s all about paying to unlock power-ups and characters and levels without having to put in the usual hard work.

I won’t dwell on the freemium model too much, as I sense a rant coming on, but I’m actually coming round to it. Stay tuned!

Anyways, the point in this here story is that one of the world’s largest games publishers is about to change the way it does business, and embrace freemium action. I speak of Electronic Arts, or “EA” for short.

At present, you can expect to pay £4.99 for Madden on the iPad, £2.99 for Mass Effect Infiltrator, £2.99 for Burnout Crash… the list goes on. But that’ll soon be a thing of the past.

Discussing the freemium model at this year’s E3, EA’s mobile and social guy, Nick Earl, concedes to AllThingsD: “In all candor, we are behind,” but adds: “There will be a few one-time download games in the future, but they are such the exception, and the norm will be freemium games.”

So there you have it. Free apps for all! Sort of.

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Pondlife  Jun. 9, 2012 at 21:10

Can picture it now FIFA 2014 one team in pink, one in purple, green ball that almost blends in with the pitch, any other kits and ball colours need to be bought.


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