Early Christmas List

Early Christmas ListIt’s my birthday this week, so what better time to compose a list of the goodies I want for Christmas. Granted some of them aren’t official yet or whatever, but don't worry - this is just a first draft.

A few months ago we were patiently awaiting the first wave of dual-core smartphones. Now that the HTC Sensation, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 2X have arrived (er, and not without their problems), there’s an altogether different bunch of stuff we’re eyeing up with our collective Mobopeepers. Check ‘em out.

Nokia N9 (cyan please)

In a parallel universe somewhere, Nokia isn’t a laughing stock and MeeGo is a roaring success. Meanwhile, a homeless Steve Jobs wonders how different life might’ve been if his Apple vision had taken off.

Early Christmas ListWe’ve spent so much time writing about and discussing MeeGo that we figure it’d be weird not to get our hands on a Nokia N9. And, from what Nokia tells us, MeeGo is sexy as heck; the OS was reluctantly canned due to insanely slow progress. Indeed, only three MeeGo smartphones were expected before 2014. Jings.

It’s a shame really. I kinda like the sound of that parallel universe (no offense, Steve).

In keeping with the tradition of manufacturers announcing stuff eons before release (allowing plenty of time for the hype to die down significantly), the N9 is expected “later in the year”. For fff…

iPhone 4S/iPhone 5

Apple is the big exception when it comes to the announcement/release gulf. Unveiling a product and saying: “You can get it next week,” is smooth as furg. When will other manufacturers learn?

Early Christmas List

The downside is that consumers’ thirst for info remains unquenched until the official launch, and in the interim the rumour mill goes into overdrive. “This guy says it’s out in September.” “This guy says September too.” “This guy thinks it might be October.” Humans. We’re pretty silly sometimes.

Apple isn’t exactly hard to dislike, what with their apparent smugness and terrible ad campaigns. "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone." Why I oughta... Resultantly, it’s easy to forget that “at the end of the day” (to use one of my most hated phrases) the iPhone 4 is actually a pretty good phone.

Of course, that’s largely down to iOS. It mightn’t be as open as Android, but it’s intuitive and reliable as a mother furger. We’ve been hearing about some of the new features in iOS 5, and – dare we say it? – we think the iPhone 4S will be pretty sweet, even if it’s simply a dual-core iPhone 4. So there.

Amazon's tablet

I have mixed feelings about Amazon’s expansion into the mobile world. It’s fast becoming a colossal superbeast, and I kinda preferred when it was a humble bookstore. Ah well, I’ll get over it.

Early Christmas ListI have mixed feelings about the iPad too. There’s no denying that it’s the sexiest of the tablets, and its market dominance is well deserved. On the other hand, competition is healthy, and I’d love to see another tablet give the iPad a firm poke in the ribs.

According to analyst types, Amazon is best placed to give Apple a run for its money. Of course, we still don’t know anything official about Amazon’s tablet plans, but the rumour mill proposes two models, namely an entry-level 7in device and the 10in quad-core “Hollywood”. We like.

And, if the latest rumours are to be believed, we might only have a couple of months to wait. Sah-weet.

Note: the above is subject to change, and no presents should be purchased prior to publication of the official list “later in the year”.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 22, 2011 at 14:31

I want world peace. Well, or a Nokia N950


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