Early iPad photos from 2002 released

Early iPad photos from 2002 releasedSteve Jobs once revealed that the iPad actually came before the iPhone. Yes, we know sales-wise, it didn't - the iPhone had a couple of years on the tablet.

But he said that they were actually looking into how to make a full web-browsing/media orientated portable device when he realised the design could actually be slimmed down to a phone size. And so, the iPhone was born.

And now, in what's sure to induce squeals of glee from Apple fans the length and breadth of the land (and beyond), some pictures have been revealed of the early, early iPad prototypes. They're dated from around 10 years ago up until 2004 and look remarkably like the iPad we are all familiar with these days.

Obviously, some elements have changed. For example, the iPad is a heck of a lot thinner now than it was then (could you seriously image lugging this about all day in your bag?). There's also no camera though, in fairness, iPad 1 didn't feature a snapper either.

And crucially, no home button. So how one would interact with their early iPad is anybody's guess. Then again, we assume this was long before the days of iOS' conception. Indeed, maybe, it would have run a desktop version of Mac OS.

Some other elements are the same - for example, what appears to be a headphone jack up top, a dock connector down below and the black bezel around the frame.

Unfortunately, these images haven't been released merely because Apple's opened the vaults but due to a legal spat - namely, the ongoing one between it and Samsung over patents and the alleged pinching of design ideas. They came out as Jonny Ive - the man behind Apple's iconic designs - testified in court.

Hopefully, the legal spat will rumble on - if only so we can see some more!

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Didn't we see this yesterday?


Recycling; it's good for the environment :p.


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