Is it easier to develop for iOS than Android?

I wonder why some apps, even free ones with no in-app purchases, come out for iOS before Android?

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 20, 2013 at 12:02

Not sure it is easier, but consider this: iOS => a handful of 3.5-in devices and one 4-inch device.
And essentially 2 tablets. In all those devices the hardware is tightly controlled by the people who make the OS.
Android? THOUSANDS (!) of unique devices, different resolutions, screensizes all over the scale. Processors, RAM, blah blah blah... then updates: New iOS is delivered to pretty much all devices simultaneously. Android? Nope. Some are stuck on Donut. Many on Gingerbread.
Potential for glitches and bugs is infinitely larger. Look at comments in the PlayStore every time an app gets an update or there's a major OS update. As a developer your life is probably more peaceful if you do not need to isolate the possible causes of a weird glitch in 1 of 2000+ devices.
And despite the hype for the big Galaxy flagships, the HTC Ones etc - 96% of Android devices are a wild mix of midrange and low-end bangers. It cannot be easy unless you just
focus on whatever is the latest OS flavour - in which case you deal with fewer problems but less exposure.
Some interesting stuff =>

I'm looking for a link to an article where developers voice their frustration of dealing with 1,000+ bug reports daily - mostly for a huge range of hardware, all with their own little quirk.

Somebody will chime in soon and correct my 'nonsense' and call me an iFan! ;)


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