What is the easiest way to bypass windows 7 login password

My Windows 7 laptop was locked and i want to reset the password so i can regain access to the computer.

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ruyeszky  May. 3, 2017 at 08:37

I was forced to change my Windows password frequently at my old job which sometimes led to the situation that I could not remember the new password on the next login. This happened for instance when I changed the password on the last day just before going on vacation. I had to contact the IT department to reset my password. There is an easier solution for computers with direct access.

I know that many users reinstall Windows if they have forgotten their password because they cannot figure out how to get into the system again. I'm using the UUkeys Windows Password Mate to bypass the Windows password so that this is not necessary. You actually have the choice between setting it to a blank password or changing it to a new one.


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