eBay reveals iPad 2 sales figures

eBay reveals iPad 2 sales figuresApple still isn’t saying how many units it has manufactured or sold, but eBay has shed a little light on iPad 2 trends with some interesting "Global Demand and Sales" figures. The figures cover the two-week period following the iPad 2’s Stateside launch.

Compared to last year, significantly more units were sold within the US. In 2010, 65% of iPads went to foreign buyers. This year, 65% stayed in the States. That’s not massively surprising, considering that the wait time on the online Apple Store quickly rose to 4-5 weeks.

Incidentally, the estimated shipping time worldwide is still 3-4 weeks.

In total, 12,000 iPad 2s were sold over the two-week period. The most popular of the six models was the 16GB Wi-Fi only with 30% of sales, while the 64GB 3G edition was fairly close behind with 23%.

And what about those mark-ups? The 16GB Wi-Fi model averaged $198 above retail, the 64GB Wi-Fi an extra $264, and the 64GB 3G iPad 2 a whopping $406 above the RRP. Incredible. And that’s the average mark-up; some units went for a lot more than that.

I’m done flirting with the iPad 2. Playing hard to get is fair enough, but waiting a whole month to get your hands on the goods is just too much for me.

via: CNET News

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