Editable Wiki For The Mobotniks

Editable Wiki For The Mobotniks

Mobot.net is currently still a work-in-progress, but our team is doing a lot of work on the backend which is to be completed before we can say that we're truly out of beta. A major feature that we've just added is the editable wiki for our phone database. If you view any phone when you are logged in to Mobot, such as the iPhone 4 specs or the newly released HTC Sensation specs, you should see an edit button beside each section.

Editable Wiki For The Mobotniks

If you want to update the specifications of any phone, you have the power to do so. If you find an error in our database, feel free to correct it. If you've found some extra specs that we don't yet have included, please add them in. This will be particularly useful when rumoured phones become fact, and knowledgeable Mobotniks can share their knowledge with everyone.

Eventually, you'll be able to add phones to the database yourself, but we're starting off with editing capabilities only.

If you spot any bugs with the wiki editing, we'd really appreciate it if you left a comment below detailing the error, along with the browser and version you are using to help us solve the issue.

* Please do not abuse the editable wiki. All edits are tracked.

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