EE to bring its Power Bars to this year's Glastonbury festival

EE to bring its Power Bars to this year's Glastonbury festival

The EE Power Bar initiative has been doing well since it began last month, with EE customers able to swap their used portable charging units for full ones at their nearest store for a one-time fee of 35p. With EE being the technology partner for this year's Glastonbury festival - as well as providing a 4G network for the site - they have announced that they will be bringing the Power Bar scheme along as well, expecting over 200,000 swaps to take place.

Considering how the Power Bars were originally trialled at last year's festival, it's a smart move by EE to bring it back for another year to help ease the queues to traditional charging stations. That said, the scheme will still only be available on the cheap to EE customers, as other network users will have to pay £20 for the privilege.

Now, while that isn't too bad a price for an endless exchange of Power Bars, the Mobot top tip for the day would be to get hold of an EE sim card for cheap. Here's a couple of sim-only deal suggestions to get your own Power Bars for just 35p:

EE PAYG 4G Multi sim with £1 Talk & Text Pack is currently £5

Data-only sim with 2 months of 100GB data on EE is currently £10

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