EE customers offered 4G roaming in Spain, France

EE customers offered 4G roaming in Spain, FranceUK networks are continually looking abroad to give their customers sweet deals. Three’s Feel At Home is arguably the sweetest of those deals, allowing customers to use their domestic allowance free of charge while overseas (in select countries).

In a similar vein, EE 4G customers are invited to browse 4G-style in Spain and France, but don’t be expecting no freebies.

Yes, the key point here is that speed-hungry EE customers will be able to roam on 4G networks; this isn’t a free bonus service like Feel At Home.

While the offer only applies to Spain and France at present, EE promises to add “all major travel destinations” throughout 2014, including the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands “by summer”.

In terms of price, EE says you can grab 100MB of data “in a 24 hour period” for £3. So if you’re away for two weeks, that’ll be £42 please. Actually, compared to the old “bill shock” cases where people were charged thousands, that’s not so bad.

Or, of course, you could connect to hotel Wi-Fi for free (where available). Alternatively, STOP LOOKING AT YOUR BLOODY PHONE.

Top dawg at EE, Olaf Sawantee, yells: “EE already has the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK – now we’re also allowing our customers to stay connected on 4G when they’re abroad. Our customers will be the first to benefit in France and Spain today, with the most popular travel destinations to follow in the coming months.

“Whether it’s working on the move, social networking, using maps, or just finding a great place to eat in an unknown city, our customers will now benefit from the same superfast and reliable mobile experience at home and overseas.”

via: EE Newsroom

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Stelph  Mar. 13, 2014 at 12:17

A pretty rubbish offering by EE really, yes its a step in the right direction but as you say its well off threes offering where you can just use your own inclusive mins/data which just seems fair in this day and age

matt101101 / MOD  Mar. 13, 2014 at 12:54

Well, that's pretty sh*t. If you spend a lot of time abroad, Three's Feel at Home thingy is a much better option.


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