EE to introduce Power Bars to keep customer handsets charged

EE to introduce Power Bars to keep customer handsets charged

In its latest bid to keep customers happy and (probably more importantly) loyal, EE have unveiled the EE Power Bar - a USB battery pack that can provide a much needed charge on the go - that will launch in the "coming weeks." The scheme will be available to all EE customers, including Pay-As-You-Go customers who have been active for at least 3 months, and will cost a mere 35p via text to get involved. Admittedly they will then have to go to their nearest store to pick it up, but that also highlights a handy incentive - you can trade in an empty Power Bar for a fully-charged for free.

And just for kicks, there's a torch on there as well. Which is nice.

Featuring a capacity of 2600mah, it will apparently be able to provide a full charge to most smartphones. With it being a USB portable battery, it can be recharged at home with an estimated 500 charges. Considering how portable they have a limited life span, and the fact it's not always possible to reach a plug to charge your phone in public (let along carry your charger with you) it's a great scheme for EE customers. Non-EE customers can also get involved in the scheme, but it will cost them £20 to do so.

[Via EE]

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