EE launches in-house 4G Kestrel smartphone, £13.99PM or £99.99 on PAYG

EE launches in-house 4G Kestrel smartphone, £13.99PM or £99.99 on PAYGOrange and T-Mobile are/were no strangers to in-house smartphones, with the likes of the Orange San Francisco and T-Mobile Vivacity going down a wallet-friendly storm.

As such, it’s no surprise to hear that Orange and T-Mobile’s tag-team, EE, is firing out its own in-house handset, namely the Kestrel – named after the British bird of prey. “Squawk!” Or something.

The Kestrel, built by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, is detailed over on the EE Newsroom, and makes the bold claim of being the “UK’s lowest price 4G smartphone”. More on that in a sec.

The EE Kestrel boasts specs that are “traditionally associated with a more expensive handset” (ahem), including a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor (yeah, right), 5MP rear camera (yeah, that's entry-level, guys), and a qHD resolution on the 4.5in display (not even 720p?).

On the plus side, the EE Kestrel is CAT 4-capable, meaning it’ll happily zoom along on EE’s double-speed network (er, where available).

As for EE Kestrel pricing, you’re looking at £99.99 on 4G PAYG, or from £13.99 per month on contract.

Not to put a downer on things, but isn’t the Nokia Lumia 920 a) 4G-ready, and b) available from £12.50 per month on Tesco Mobile?

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff going on at EE, including a revision of its contract prices, new contract options for business customers, and deals if you fancy taking EE home broadband too. If that floats your boat, click here to read more.

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RHodgett  Mar. 26, 2014 at 16:06

The Nokia Lumia 625 deal advertised today is a much better PAYG deal and cheaper 4G handset?

I am stuck on T-Mobile to June but will be leaving to go with Three. I like the way Three are trying to give as much value to customers as possible. Use inclusive minutes abroad (particularly in Ireland is good for me) and free 4G upgrade.

EE's advertising campaigns are AWFUL. I hate having to see them every time I visit the cinema. The latest one with the sour faced woman interviewing the miyahee dancing guy has just put me off them completely.

BEEPBEEP123  Mar. 27, 2014 at 22:40

Ugly, Huawei UI, probably comes with 4GB of internal memory, and the screen is not even HD. Moto G still tops the budget list, even with no 4G.


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