EE launches UK's first 4G PAYG plans, overhauls monthly deals

EE launches UK's first 4G PAYG plans, overhauls monthly dealsUK network EE has overhauled its 4G LTE services, restructuring its monthly tariffs and launching the UK's first PAYG 4G handset deals.

The new 4G contracts come as EE gets to grips with no longer being the only LTE show in town, and include what is now the UK's cheapest 4G price plan at £18.99 per month.

That delivers 500MB of data plus 1,000 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts over 24 months, though the amount you pay up front for your handset could work out pretty steep depending on the phone you're talking about.

If it's a high-end device you're after and you don't want the up-front hit, you could be looking at up to £44.99 per month.

If you're a serious data user, though, you'll be particularly interested in the all-new 4GEE Extra service. Starting at £26.99 a month, these deals start at 4GB of data but at up to 60Mbps – twice the normal rate.

You also get fast-tracked customer service, while as a bonus, calls to the EU, US and Australia are included as part of your normal allowance. Other extras include EE's Film and Shared 4GEE services.

The top end deal gives you all of 50GB of data to play with, plus everything else, for an eye-watering £74.99 per month.

New mobile broadband plans have also been introduced, but of more interest is the UK's first 4G PAYG deals, which see EE offering all the handsets available on LTE monthly contracts on PAYG deals too. The cheapest entry point is the £129.99 Alcatel One Touch Idol S, and data bundles start at £3 for a measly 100MB of data usable over 30 days, going up to £30 for a 10GB re-up.

For talk-time, you're looking at from £3 for 100 minutes to £10 for 500 minutes. Text-wise, £2 gets you 400 texts, while a fiver sets you up for 3,000 texts.

The new deals will be available from October 30, and as a sweetener EE is throwing in 10GB of data to all new 4G PAYG customers, plus until the end of January you'll also get 2014 minutes of free talk time divided over the year into 168 minutes a month.

Finally, EE says it's planning on testing out 300Mbps speeds across its LTE network by the end of the year, so expect further speed increases over the next 12 months.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 16, 2013 at 20:05

I just love that 500mb "bundle" LOL Back when I set up "my" SGS3, I had used up 300MB while going through the set-up thingy... Unbeknownst to me it pulled my Picasa gallery from the cloud the moment I entered my gmail details. One of the reasons I no longer have any Google accounts.

AhmadCentral  Oct. 16, 2013 at 22:03

Imagine a speed test on EE's double speed 4G.

5 speed tests and that's 500mb gone lol

netguy  Oct. 19, 2013 at 06:46

I can use 2 GB a day on Three (£13/month with a Blackberry mobile) with unlimited data. If I went for the One Plan (SIM only deal, 12 month contract) at £15 (£18 on rolling monthly contract) I'd be able to tether on top of unlimited data - ideal as backup for landline internet - and get 2000 minutes for voice calls, plus "3 to 3" calls. While EE blows its trumpet about being fastest but yes, their charges are really eye-watering... well described, Martin, and not just the 50GB level

Shame I started my £13 contract before they dropped the PAYG and One Plan pricing.

Guess I'm lucky to have a signal from Three - have seen various comments elsewhere about not getting decent signals... (I left T-Mobile after 6 months as they had removed so many masts {presumably for EE 4G} that they sent me a femtocell to pass my calls and data via my home broadband, but signal was so dire away from the house, they let me cancel 6 months early with no penalty).


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