EE: come play with the LG G Flex from December 20, but you ain’t buying it till February

EE: come play with the LG G Flex from December 20, but you ain’t buying it till FebruaryThere was no specific mention of a European release at the LG G Flex launch back in October, though we later learned that Orange France, for one, would stock the semi-flexible phone.

The UK's EE has confirmed that it’s jumping on the banana-shaped bandwagon, though in a slightly bizarre move, it’ll showcase the phone in stores some two months before it goes on sale.

That’s the word straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth (i.e. the EE Newsroom), with the network bawling: “EE is offering technology fans the opportunity to get hands-on with the innovative handset over the Christmas period in 10 stores across the UK.”

Specifically, you can caress the LG G Flex from December 20, which just so happens to be Friday this week. The official release will follow in February, while pricing will be "announced closer to launch".

One of the key LG G Flex features is of course its curved display, which promises to arc neatly around your face on calls. Interestingly, the phone can be flattened out (with a fair bit of pressure), though it’ll naturally curve back when left alone.

Another LG G Flex feature of note is its “Self Healing” rear, boasting the ability to repair everyday marks and scratches.

Yeah, I think I'm on board with this EE idea. Playing with the phone now might convince potential buyers to hold off for a couple of months instead of picking up something else.

The 10 participating stores are in London (3), Kent, Nottingham, Manchester, Brighton, Cambridge, Merry Hill and Sheffield. For specific addresses and that, click the blue words above. Or these.

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