EE Power Bars back in stock from July 24th

EE Power Bars back in stock from July 24th

Here's a helpful heads-up to kick off the week. EE will have their Power Bars back in stock on Wednesday 24th July, meaning all EE customers can once again claim their portable battery packs to keep their phones recharged.

If you're an EE customer who hasn't yet signed up to get them, all you have to do is text POWER to 365 that will cost you 35p, and you'll be sent a code that will allow you to pick up a Power Bar at your nearest EE store (PAYG customers must have been with EE for 3 months to qualify.) The offer is also open to those on EE Broadband, who can text JOIN plus their EE landline number to 60005 and follow the instructions - again costing 35p. Non-EE customers can also get involved in the scheme, but it will cost them £20 to do so. Thanks to heatadded @ HUKD for the heads-up!

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