EE TV marketing push starts tonight during the Brits, watch the ad now

EE TV marketing push starts tonight during the Brits, watch the ad now

EE TV was announced a few months ago, essentially making the network the first in the UK to become a "quad" player, with TV, broadband, home phone and mobile services.

The offering has kept a relatively low profile until now, but the big marketing push starts tonight with a 40-second advert during the Brits, which I guess is, er, our version of the Super Bowl (not quite).

For those unfamiliar with EE TV, it’s essentially a Freeview box that connects to your TV, allowing you to watch and record up to four channels at once.

See, EE reckons the notion of families sitting down to watch the TV together is dead (probably right enough, to be fair). As such, EE TV allows you to watch from anywhere in the house on your smartphone or tablet - up to three simultaneously, plus your TV makes four.

Fancy it? EE TV price is, well, free, technically, when you pay £9.95 per month for broadband and £15.75 line rental (minimum 18-month contract). You’ll also need to have a pay monthly or PAYG mobile account, and a minimum home broadband speed of 4Mbps is recommended, too.

Anyway! Getting back to that EE TV ad, it stars EE marketing stalwart Kevin Bacon, who sits alongside – according to research – a couple of guys from popular pretending-to-watch-TV show Gogglebox. Kev shows off an EE TV feature called "Flick", which launches a programme straight from his tablet to the TV.

If you can’t wait till tonight, check out the EE TV ad now on YouTube.

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rdbradshaw  Feb. 25, 2015 at 19:24

Erm the ad has already been on this afternoon


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