EE's 12-month SIM-only 4G plans launch, but there's no 8GB/month option

EE's 12-month SIM-only 4G plans launch, but there's no 8GB/month option

The launch of EE's 4G LTE service may have come and gone, but if you already have a 4G-capable handset, you'll be more interested in today's news: that the network's 12-month SIM-only deals are now finally available.

The SIM-free plans, which come in at £15/month cheaper than the equivalent deal with a handset, were set to go live a couple of weeks ago, but were delayed because testing hadn't yet been completed.

So what's the dealio? Well, aside from the flexibility of only being tied into the deal for a single year, EE's SIM-only 4G price plans will see you save a total of £180 over the annual cost of a deal offering the same amount of monthly data, but with a handset factored in.

That means the 500MB/month option comes in at £21/month, while £36/month (the cheapest 4G contract option with a phone) will give you 5GB of data to play with every month.

But here's the bad news: that's as high as it goes. There has already been plenty of grumbling that the existing price plans max out at 8GB of monthly data – well, the SIM-free plans don't even go that far. 5GB a month is your limit.

EE has argued that an all-you-can-eat 4G data plan will simply be abused, forcing the price up on everyone. Even if you do accept that dubious premise, it's hard to avoid seeing it as EE deliberately limiting customers' ability to take full advantage of the very feature they're being asked to pay extra for in the first place: high-speed data.

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ian2606  Nov. 20, 2012 at 13:12

I'll stick with 3g....4g only works in certain cities and I live miles away from any of them. If I need to download anything large I'll use Wi-Fi at home, and 3g is quick enough for me when out.


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