EE’s Cash on Tap now active on London Tube, DLR and Overground

EE’s Cash on Tap now active on London Tube, DLR and OvergroundBack in July this year, EE fired out a meaty press release declaring that its customers would soon be able to pay for travel on the London Tube, DLR and Overground using their phones.

Fast-forward to September 16, and you’ll never guess what’s happened. That’s right; said contactless payments are now live around the capital.

Interestingly, EE is the only UK network to offer a contactless payment service, and its customers can already use Cash on Tap to buy junk at more than 300,000 shops, including Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger and Greggs.

To use the service, you’ll need a 4GEE monthly plan, an NFC-compatible phone, an NFC SIM (denoted by an ‘N’; call 150 if that’s missing), and a UK debit or credit card.

One of the benefits of EE’s Cash on Tap is that it avoids “card clash”; gates mightn’t open if people have more than one contactless card in their purse or wallet.

Speaking of wallets, EE reckons the guy’s days are numbered – a promise that’s been made continually over the past few years. The all-new Apple Pay service certainly gives credence to that notion.

Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, croons: “As more and more people benefit from the simplicity, convenience and security that mobile contactless payments offer, it’s rapidly becoming clear that the days of the physical wallet are fast becoming numbered.”

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