Elop: developers have time for WP7 (and iOS and Android)

Elop: developers have time for WP7 (and iOS and Android)Nokia boss man Stephen Elop took to the stage at Abu Dhabi’s 2011 Media Summit this week, for a chat with CNBC’s Geoff Cutmore. Of course, Nokia’s romance with Windows Phone 7 is the hot topic at the moment.

Elop faced some tough questions from attendees, including one from a developer who asked if the Windows Phone 7 marketplace can co-exist alongside Apple’s App Store and the Android Market; or is it destined to play a neglected third fiddle as developers focus on iOS and Android?

“When we consider developers, there is a series of things that must be true. You have to have reach, you have to believe you can monetise, you have to believe you have a valid developer platform, and finally you have to have great developer tools,” explained Elop, suggesting that Nokia meets those requirements.

“We’ve actually studied this and asked a lot of developers all over the world, and, while it's not the consensus, by far the majority view is that [the number of operating systems they develop for] is about 2.8 – 3 platforms. This was a critical question for us.”

Well, Windows Phone 7 definitely looks like 0.8 of a platform at the moment. Copy-and-paste, anyone? How about multitasking? Boom boom. I'm here all week.

Elop went on to suggest that if developers were only able to focus on, say, two platforms, that might’ve led to Nokia choosing Android over Windows Phone 7.

Let's not forget BlackBerry in all of this. Clearly Elop is confident that it can push RIM aside in the bloody "third ecosystem" battle.

The first Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets are expected in 2018. Ok, 2012.

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