Elop spotted with WP7 prototype

Elop spotted with WP7 prototypeNokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has been caught out and about with a prototype Windows Phone 7 handset. He was spotted by Timo Ronkainen, CEO of TradeDoubler Finland, who then let the world know via Twitter.

The initial tweet from Ronkainen read: “At the ice hockey match today, I saw CEO Stephen Elop using #WP7 running #Nokia mobile phone. I must say, it looked really nice.”

Responding to user weemundo, Ronkainen said: “Unfortunately the moment came too quickly, and it wouldn't have been appropriate to shoot. The device looked quite the same as in the photos they used in the launch event.”

The phones we saw before were originally believed to be concept designs, but now it sounds like we might see something similar when Nokia finally releases its first WP7 handset. Whenever that might be.

Ronkainen finished off by saying: “Thanks everyone for RTs and mentions. The mystery of Mr Elop's nice #WP7 device remains...mysterious. Exciting times.”

Exciting times indeed, Timo. Exciting times indeed.

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