Elop suggests 'great concern' over Google-Motorola deal

Elop suggests 'great concern' over Google-Motorola dealSo, Google is buying Motorola, then. In a sense, it's exactly what Microsoft hasn't done in its working relationship with Nokia (assuming a similar deal was ever actually an option).

With that in mind, Nokia boss Stephen Elop has taken the opportunity to speak out, suggesting that the Google/Motorola deal could cause “uncertainty” within the Android fraternity.

“It creates a great deal of uncertainty for the Android ecosystem,” Elop said when questioned over the deal. “I'm sure it is of great concern for many of the Android participants.”

Of course, Elop was simply commenting on the situation – we don't think for a second his comments were aimed at actually raising uncertainty themselves.

Elop reiterated his insistence that there were no plans for Microsoft and Nokia to follow a similar path. “We see our future as a standalone company and we don't anticipate any changes as it relates to Microsoft,” he said. We're sure Motorola was thinking exactly the same thing a couple of months ago.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 12, 2011 at 13:21

To sum up: blah blah blah...

The man was in charge of MS Office and Adobe.
The bloatmaster as he was known back then.
His Feb platform speech killed sales of a rather healthy N8. He hampered a calm strategy for Symbians future more than Android or IOS ever could have...

Who cares what he has to say? He is an economic hitman armed with a hotairspraygun...


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