Emulator support raises hopes that WP8 could be getting 1080p nod ahead of schedule

Emulator support raises hopes that WP8 could be getting 1080p nod ahead of scheduleAndroid has completely dominated the phablet scene so far, with Windows Phone only supporting resolutions up to 720p and Apple seemingly not giving a stuff about 5in-plus smartphones.

Well it looks like one of those two situations could be about to change, as support for 1080p displays has been discovered in the latest WP8 Visual Studio 2013 emulator beta.

The full HD screen option was spotted by eagle-eyed developer Justin Angel in the new beta, which was announced at the Build 2013 developer event last week, even though Microsoft didn't cover the subject at all at the event itself.

It raises hopes that support for full HD displays might come to Windows Phone 8 earlier than the end-of-2013 timeframe we were expecting. That'll be good news for leading WP8 exponents Nokia and HTC, both of whom are reportedly keen to launch large-screened devices on the platform but are holding back until Microsoft's OS supports 1080p displays.

Seeing such support in an emulator beta doesn't mean much on its own, of course – especially since we all knew it would happen sooner or later – but with still six months of the year left (well, almost) it's an encouraging sign that progress is being made.

Via The Unwired

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