How to enable Mass Storage Mode For Nokia Lumia 800 & other WP 7 devices

Just stumbled upon this nice tutorial http://lovemynokia.com/simple-trick-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-mode-in-lumia-800/

It allows you to connect your Nokia Lumia 800 (and heck, every other WP 7 Mango device) to a PC in mass storage mode - to transfer photos, music and videos without Zune.

There is a BIG CAVEAT, though: I said "to ***a PC***" for a reason:
The trick is based on a registry hack on the PC you use. You are not tweaking the phone itself. So, the trick only works between your phone and the PC that you tweaked. NOT ON ANY PC!!!!! That kind of defeats mass storage mode's convenience. But still, if you hate Zune like I do, it is not a bad hack.

So: head over to LoveMyNokia =>> http://lovemynokia.com/simple-trick-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-mode-in-lumia-800/

(they give the appropriate credit to Nokiabuff.Com and XDA)

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