'Enhanced' Tesco Hudl 2 coming in 2014

'Enhanced' Tesco Hudl 2 coming in 2014As with so many tablets launched recently, the idea behind the £119 Tesco Hudl is a simple one: stick some broadly competent components into a generic chassis with no unnecessary frills, and sell it as cheaply as possible.

It's a strategy that has worked well, for Tesco at least – in fact, it's such a success that the supermarket giant is already promising an “enhanced” model is on the way in the New Year.

According to Tesco boss Philip Clarke, sales of its debut Android tablet have already pushed past 300,000 – the target for the whole of 2013 – and while that's still a fairly small number compared to the likes of the iPad or Nexus 7, it's a foundation Tesco has every intention of building on in 2014.

“The new model will be an enhanced version,” Clarke said in comments reported by The Guardian.

He didn't elaborate on just what that means, or indeed when we can expect the Hudl 2 to arrive, and we don't know whether it will sit alongside the current model as a step-up alternative or replace it altogether.

There's every chance it will co-exist with the original, however: the rationale behind the Hudl's appearance in the first place is that all revenue from the floor space it occupies goes straight to Tesco, rather than an external gadget manufacturer.

“They are flying off the shelves so quickly it has run out of stock twice,” claims Tesco chief digital officer Michael Cornish.

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krogothnx  Dec. 6, 2013 at 21:04

I can see them simply releasing a 10" model with comparable specs. That could be a game changer - there isn't much of a market for sub £200 10" tablets yet.


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