Er, actually the iPhone is getting NFC after all

Er, actually the iPhone is getting NFC after allWe just don't know who to believe any more. We were disappointed – but believing – when we heard through the week that Apple was holding back Near Field Communication capability from the next iPhone to develop its own technology for a 2012 implementation.

Only now we're hearing things aren't quite as certain as we thought, and that the iPhone 5 ould come packing near NFC smarts after all.

That's what Forbes is claiming, anyway, with reporter Elizabeth Woyke revealing via Twitter: “just met with an entrepreneur who says the iPhone 5 *will* have NFC…according to his friend, who works at Apple.”

So, a friend told a friend, and now Elizabeth is telling us. She then went on to post a complete article on the Forbes blog, claiming: “to further bolster his statement, the entrepreneur said that manufacturers of NFC readers – whom he has been talking to for his own product – also expect the iPhone 5 to have NFC.

“These manufacturers are gearing up for the additional NFC traffic the iPhone 5 will bring, likely this summer, said the entrepreneur.”

This flies in the face of an Independent piece earlier this week claiming that Apple had told several prominent UK operators that the technology would be absent on the next iPhone, as Apple was “concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry”.

In summary, then – no clear idea whether the iPhone 5 will or won't have NFC on board.

Via BusinessInsider

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 18, 2011 at 12:31

I'd rather go with the Indo piece. Not like Apple to rush into some new nonsense (unless they invent said nonsense :p )


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