Eric Schmidt's got a Moto X and he ain't afraid to show it

Eric Schmidt's got a Moto X and he ain't afraid to show itNow that the Nokia Lumia 1020 has graduated into official existence, the Motorola Moto X is probably the most interesting-sounding new smartphone on the digital horizon.

And to round off the week we have multiple strains of Moto X rumours to report – namely two separate picture leaks showing the upcoming Moto smartphone in probably the clearest detail we've seen yet.

The first comes from a fairly unlikely source – Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who was snapped using a white-backed Moto X at a conference in the US this week.

It looks rather nice, too, with an attractively curved back panel housing a centrally placed camera housing and 3.5mm headphone jack. The only downside is we don't get to see the Moto X from the front.

And it's the same with the other new Moto X image that's hit the web today on Weibo, a fairly high-quality snap of the Moto X's rear end, this time in matte black.

The uniform colour doesn't accentuate the shape of the Moto X's body in the same way as the two-tone handset, but you get a closer look at the camera elements, which include the lens and a flash situated below.

Via The Verge and Pocket-lint

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