European Competition Commission: we’re cool with Facebook buying WhatsApp

European Competition Commission: we’re cool with Facebook buying WhatsAppThere’s been no shortage of peeps buying peeps over the past few years. Microsoft bought Nokia and Skype, Lenovo bought Motorola (from Google), Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp. If in doubt, buy stuff.

Obviously it’s not just a case of shouting “Yoink!” and throwing a wad of cash down, however. Buyouts inevitably entail a little regulatory investigation, but in the case of Facebook nabbing WhatsApp, everything is officially a-ok.

Last month it materialised that the European Competition Commission was considering potential Facebook/WhatsApp antitrust implications, in particular pertaining to prices going up and innovation coming down.

But it turns out Team Zuckerberg needn’t have worried. Having consulted with relevant third parties, including rival service providers, the European Competition Commission is cool with the whole thing. Stamp of approval: given.

"We have carefully reviewed this proposed acquisition and come to the conclusion that it would not hamper competition in this dynamic and growing market. Consumers will continue to have a wide choice of consumer communications apps," declares Commissioner Joaquin Almunia.

Oddly, since the WhatsApp acquisition was announced back in February, Facebook has gone on to promote its own Messenger service as somewhat of a WhatsApp alternative. Baffling.

Anyway! Congratulations to Facebook and WhatsApp. Maybe you have many happy years ahead of you.

via: Reuters

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